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Unique Couture Experience

Up until now designing and customizing your own wedding dress was left to pop-stars and heiresses,
but now with the help of Bluethread Bridal you can design your own gown, get it fitted just for you, and shipped back in only a few months for your perfect day.

Designer quality. Not a red carpet price! (with the majority being between $1,500-$3,000. Even for plus size orders!)

  • custom design

    Every girl deserves a special gown on her wedding day, and we believe that she knows what she wants best! Let Bluethread help you design your custom wedding dress instead of spending hours trying on dresses that aren’t right for you.

    individually handmade

    A machine shouldn't be used to make something as intricate and delicate as a wedding dress. All of the dresses created through Bluethread are 100% hand-sewn and knitted by master seamstresses --layer by layer, dress by dress.

    custom sizing

    Bluethread offers custom sizing service: Your dress would be individually sized and tailor-made to fit your body shape. For a plus-size or petite bride, a made-to-order dresse could have a better proportion in silhouette, which could make you feel prettier and more comfortable on the big day!

    fast turnaround

    At a traditional bridal store, you typically need to wait 4~6 months for your dress to come in and that doesn't include the time it takes for alterations. Bluethread takes only 3~4 months to sew and ship your dress which is already in your custom size, making the whole experience of wedding gown shopping faster and more convenient!

    amazing quality

    We know that your wedding is a time when quality means everything. Our fabric quality and craft meet or exceed what brides can get from high end dresses that are twice as expensive as those we offer. To ensure that you will be 100% happy with your dress, we will keep effective communication with you to pick every detail, from basic silhouette and fabrics to lace and beading.

    reasonable price

    In traditional bridal industries, there are multiple layers between the actual dress-makers and the customers -- designers, wholesalers, traders, etc. All these layers raise the price and you end up paying 10 times more than you should. We cut out the middleman allowing us to provide you with high quality dresses within a reasonable price range with the majority being under $3,000.

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